Check Out Our Men's Beaded Bracelets

Searching for the perfect birthday or Christmas present for the man in your life?

Our beaded bracelets can easily be customised to reflect someone’s unique personality. Whatever type of stone reflects your loved one’s qualities or aspirations, you’ll find it from among our collection.

Handcrafted in the UK, our men’s beaded bracelets are made using the finest quality gemstones, including hematite, onyx, tiger’s eye, red jasper, sodalite, howlite, and chrysotine.

Among our range is Howlite beaded bracelets which are known to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. This type of stone is also said to eliminate anger, so is perfect for somebody with a quick temper!

We also have onyx bracelets which are believed to eliminate negative thoughts and sharpen somebody’s wit. It is also brilliant for building strength and stamina, which is why it was carried by the Romans into battle in the form of amulets engraved with Mars, God of War. That’s why it’s often known as the stone of the protector.

We have onyx bracelets in a variety of styles including this Men’s Premium Onyx and Gold Bracelet which is handmade with 24K gold plated sterling silver rings.

Perfect for stocking fillers or slipping into a card, we have both beaded and leather bracelets available for competitive prices.

Why not explore our range of men’s beaded bracelets today?