Looking To Order A Men’s Tiger Eye Bracelet?

Want to give your dad a special gift this Father’s Day? We have a range of stylish bracelets or you can make a bespoke order that’s completely unique.

Father’s Day was only nationally recognised in 1972 after one American woman, Sonora Dodd, spent over 60 years fighting to make it official as a tribute to her dad.

If you’re looking for a meaningful piece of jewellery for your dad, we have many beaded bracelets that are symbolic of difference qualities, including tiger eyes, which represents courage and willpower.

CMJ London has a fantastic selection of men’s leather and beaded bracelets to choose from, all of which are handcrafted. We also offer the option of bespoke pieces.

Every single one of our pieces is made from the highest quality leathers, natural gemstones, gold, stainless steel and silver.

Among our range is this Red Tigers Eye Bracelet which is well-known as being the stone of the warrior. Romans would often wear this type of stone as a talisman, including setting in their swords or helmets during a battle, since it was believed that it would bring good luck and protection to its wearer.

This type of bracelet is the ideal for any father who’s been a real warrior in your life.

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