Luxurious Handcrafted Men's Beaded Bracelets

With only 35 days and counting until Christmas, it’s the best time to kick-start your Christmas shopping if you wish to be finished in good time.

If you’re searching for a special treat for your man this Christmas, CMJ London specialises in stunning handmade bracelets and necklaces made using the finest materials.

Among our range is a collection of men’s beaded bracelets with a panoply of genuine gems to choose from, making it easier than ever to find the right piece for his personality.

If you can’t find the one you’re looking for, we even enable you to make your own bespoke beaded bracelet. Handcrafted in London, our team handpick every gemstone to make all bracelets extra special. Every single piece of unique and can easily be layered with other to create all sorts of looks.

Our premium collection of men’s beaded bracelets include gemstones accentuated with handmade rings in either sterling silver or 24k.

Among this collection is this Men’s Premium Chrysotine & Gold Bracelet which feels and looks luxurious. The word chrysotine means ‘gold stone’ and is used to refer to many different gemstones. Gleaming like a furnace, it is said to represent the virtues of wisdom and charity.

Our men’s beaded bracelets can be chosen for either their symbolism, aesthetics or reflection of a man’s personality.

Explore our collections of luxury men’s beaded bracelets today.