Men's Leather Bracelets

Here at CMJ London we hand craft luxury mens leather bracelets for every occasion. We source high quality leathers in a wide range of colours so that you can find the perfect fit to add a touch of colour and class to every outfit.
All of our men's leather bracelets are hand made in the United Kingdom using premium hand cut leather and quality steel, silver and gold clasps.
Our mens leather bracelets add an element of classic style to any look as a standalone piece, or can be stacked together with other coloured leathers or our range of stunning beaded mens bracelets to create stylish and unique statement pieces.

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Leather Bracelets For Men
Here at CMJ London, we have a wide selection of leather bracelets with varying metal finishes to suit every man. Our Leather is genuine and we source only the top quality leathers to ensure the longevity of your jewellery. Leather is a natural material which means that certain patterns in the grain give each bracelet a unique finish.

We have many different types of leathers to choose from, from simple stitched leathers to braided leathers, all available in single or multiple wraps.    

A leather bracelet will become less stiff with wear but it is important that your wrist size is measured carefully to ensure the most comfortable fit. To see how best to measure your wrist take a look at our wrist measuring guide